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Moshulu Footwear under the spotlight

Moshulu Footwear
Moshulu Footwear - Footwear Designed To Make You Smile

Moshulu Footwear

Moshulu’s story began in 1974 when Henry and Jenny purchased a footwear import business based in Woodbury, Devon. They ran the business successfully for several years. Now armed with over two decades of experience in footwear Henry and Jenny, along with their three sons, Darryl, Neal and Shaun, recognised that they could produce shoes that were not just good, but excellent! But they needed to design them from the bottom up, defining every stitch to ensure they were just right.

This lead to the formation of the Moshulu brand, and in 1997 the first Moshulu footwear designed in Devon was produced.

Today, Moshulu is one of the UK’s leading footwear retailers, having become a brand known and loved by its customers for quality, colour and comfort all designed to make you smile!


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