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Mahabis Kode Slate Canvas Slipper in White


Mahabis Canvas White Slippers

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Mahabis Kode Slate Canvas Slipper in White

Canvas Slipper

Mahabis Kode Slate Canvas Slipper in White

Product page https://www.mahabis.com/products/kode-slate-mahabis-outdoor-slipper-large?variant=29398492971078&sitecurrency=gbp&gshpng=true

At the time we last checked the Sale Price was £99

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Mahabis slippers are supplied directly by Mahabis

We are proud to have Mahabis as a designer and supplier of these innovative slippers. All goods in are dispatched from directly from the vendor. We receive payment on commission for purchases made following referrals.

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About Mahabis

Mahabis is a brand that has garnered a glowing reputation for their innovative approach to slippers. Their products are known for sleek design, comfort, and versatility. Mahabis slippers typically feature a unique Scandinavian-inspired design with a detachable sole, allowing them to be worn indoors or outdoors!

The brand emphasizes functionality and style, offering a range of colors and materials to suit different preferences. Mahabis slippers often incorporate premium materials such as wool, felt, and leather, providing warmth and durability.


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Mahabis Kode Slate Canvas Slipper in White
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