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Start-Rite Childrens Shoes under the spotlight

Start-Rite Childrens Shoes
Start-Rite Childrens Shoes - Britain's Oldest Children's Shoemaker Since 1792

“At Start-Rite, designing children’s shoes is what we do. In fact we’ve been doing it from our home in Norwich over 225 years. We’re proud to be specialist and totally focused on creating shoes that are the best thing parents can do for little feet.

More About Start-Rite Shoes
Every Start-Rite shoe is anchored in a deep understanding of the ways children live and move today. With constant innovation at its core, we work with biomechanics experts to create shoes that not only support a child’s developmental needs, but also their lifestyle needs. Our extensive range is built around four pillars:
• Child-specific precision fit in whole, half and multi-width fittings.
• Targeted flexibility for natural movement at every life stage.
• Intelligent protection precisely where it’s needed.
• Niggle-free comfort on any terrain.
From first steps to school days. From fearless explorers to social butterflies. Start-Rite shoes are designed to give children the freedom to go where they want, how they want.

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